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Stylish, modern and fabulous is how one reviewer described this 8 panelled wall mirror. The multiple mirrors that make up this mirage of glass form a contemporary installation that will add both depth, extra light and perhaps even philosophical meaning to your home interior. The series of wall mirrors connected together to form one larger mirror display can be seen as records of one’s daily life if placed in a prominent location.

The multiple mirrors are arranged on a wood backing which allows for easy mounting to any interior wall of your choice. With a collection of these 8 panelled wall mirrors, one could spruce up an entire room with a modern and eye-catching arrangement covering one or more walls. Alternatively, a set can be located in a small alcove or a series on the wall of a stairwell. The reflective quality allows for decorative features of a room to be accentuated even more by the shrewd placement of these eight mirrors.

Wherever the wall mirrors are located, they will bring various qualities to an interior. These include added natural light during the day and the impression of extra space in a small to medium sized room. Positioned opposite a beautiful window view or parallel with a colorful wall painting, the multiple mirrors will enhance the ambiance of the space they are in.

You can buy this wall mirror set from here: Mirage Multi-Frame Mirror.

Price: $128