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This multifunctional laptop table is an item of furniture that really excites me. Here on Home Interior Design Themes, I only showcase furniture, products and décor for the home that I myself have either bought or would buy if circumstances allowed. I like the items I write about and in many cases, I absolutely adore the concepts behind the ingenious designs which is why I am taken aback by this ingenious multifunctional laptop table that can also act as a TV dinner tray, magazine rack and small table. The possibilities for such a furniture piece are endless and its contemporary design means it will compliment a wide variety of interiors.

The multifunctional laptop table is a giant leap forward in the concept of bent-wood furniture. It’s made from one continuous sheet of wood and has been shaped in a way that provides additional uses beyond a laptop table. These include a TV dinner table for those of us who are not always in a situation to sit at a dining table and as a magazine and book rack for use when we read in bed or on a sofa. Not only this but the multifunctional laptop table can also be used as a small end table or accent table where it can again provide space for books, lamps and flower stands.

When in use as a TV dinner tray, the special design allows the multifunctional laptop table to mirror the contours of your body which means comfortable and prolific use. It’s sleek, contemporary and different. The bent-wood furniture table provides an element to an interior that is dynamic, functional and fun. If you are a first time home buyer, a student or someone who prefers a minimalist approach to furniture, then this multifunctional laptop table can become a multifaceted furniture piece which will see a lot of use.

The bent-wood laptop table and TV dinner tray comes in a choice of 3 different finishes but it can also be painted in a color of your choosing. Whether you use the multifunctional laptop table for your computer, dinner plates, bedtime book reading or flower vase placement, this bent-wood furniture piece is going to be an attractive and dynamic element to your home interior.

You can buy this multifucntional furniture piece from the following location: Multifunctional Laptop Table: Also a TV Dinner Tray and Magazine Rack.

At the time of writing it was priced at $99