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The abbreviations “OMG” and “BFF” have become increasingly common over the last decade amongst children, teenagers and even adults. These two cups touch on the fun humor of the urban slang and will appeal to the youngest generation and those with a youthful heart. In case you didn’t know, “OMG” stands for “Oh my God!” whilst “BFF” is short for “Best Friends Forever”, which is usually said to someone to whom the person saying it is very fond of.

Do you often invite your best friends around for a mug of coffee or a cup of tea? If so, one or more of these handcrafted stoneware clay mugs which have been given a chip-resistant finish will make a charming addition to your kitchen tableware set. The OMG mug comes in dark grey while the BFF mug appears in a light cream. Each bear a leather-like label design on the sides upon which the abbreviation texts are found.

What’s also great about these handcrafted text decoration mugs is the fact they are dishwasher and microwave safe which makes for easy cleaning and capable of being used for soups and warming cooling coffee. They’re American made too, by skilled artisans in the state of Pennsylvania which means they are a quality item and will last a long time.

Both mugs will make excellent additions to your home and will also be splendid gift ideas for friends and family who you know will appreciate the urban jargon and text speak that is so popular amongst the young these days. Just think, with one of these cups, you could suddenly become cooler than your son or daughter, much to their dismay! (Okay, maybe mirth).

You can buy them from here: OMG and BFF Handcrafted Text Lingo Mugs.

Size : 4.5″ tall and holds 18 ounces.