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A Moravian star light fixture especially in the form of a pendant brings a number of benefits to the home interior. The most obvious is beautiful lighting and a lovely shape which looks good both during the day and especially at night. However, the Moravian star also has a fascinating history behind it which adds another element to this intriguing design. It’s a lucky charm and in the next few paragraphs below the picture I will explain a little of its history.

Moravian-Star-Pendant-LightingThe Moravian star shape originates in Germany where its called Herrnhuter Stern. The English name is taken from the Moravian Church, a mainline Protestant denomination, which first used the star as an advent and Christmas decoration in the 1830s. It’s thought they were originally forms made during school geometry lessons that were soon manufactured on a larger scale.

Even today, the Moravian star is still a highly popular symbol across Germany and North America. There are also many types of stars under this name with differing numbers of points including the largest which has 110. The tradition goes that a Moravian star if hung in a room will protect your home and bring your family good luck.

I could write about the history of this fascinating subject until this page becomes thesis-length so I will instead give you a link which tells you in more detail about the star: History of the Moravian Star.

As you can see in the image above, this Moravian Star pendant lighting fixture is composed of cloud white art glass which has been carefully and individually hand crafted. The light itself is hung from the ceiling with a chain and canopy, finished with hand applied mahogany bronze. As to locations in the home where this would be suitable you could think about an area which receives a lot of natural daylight during the day so as to take advantage of the cloudy white shine the star will give off.

You can buy this fascinating and lucky lighting fixture from the following location: Moravian Star Pendant Lighting