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Moose decor is a fun way to accentuate and add character to a room. Children love the shapes of the animal’s antlers which in some ways look like hands making funny shapes. For families who live in areas of North America where the moose is common, then decor related to the moose can bring a humorous and familiar atmosphere to a home. This is especially true for Canadians.

It has been estimated that in Newfoundland alone there are around 150,000 moose living in the wild. If you or your children are particularly fond of the moose, then the page noted below will be of interest to you. A large selection of home décor products ranging from art and tapestries to toilet paper holders and bedding are available all with a decidedly moose theme.

Have a look here: Moose Decor Accessories.

By the way, in Europe, the moose is more commonly known as an Elk.