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Everyone is familiar with the animal trophy heads that adorn the walls of hunting lodges, bars, country manors and the homes of those who have a fondness for taxidermy. Hunters in both North America and Europe collected the heads of wild animals they killed, had them stuffed and then mounted onto a wall plaque. Animals such as deer, moose, bears and even large cats were installed in such a fashion. They are commonly known as ‘Hunting trophies”.

deer-moose-abstract-trophy-headsHowever, the 1992 Rio Accord led to a sharp decline in this practice which pleased animal rights campaigners. I must say I am glad too and have never even considered using an animal trophy head in one of my interior designs. Not only do I find the concept of killing an animal for sport cruel but also I dislike the look of once live animals that have been stuffed via the process of taxidermy.

Instead, some Belgian designers came up with an alternative for those of us who would rather miss the regular wall mounted hunting trophies. The moose and deer trophy heads you see above and below are made from beech wood and have been created as an abstract sculptural wall art decoration. They are the perfect trophy heads for those with a fondness for animals and who like to keep a clean conscience.

deer-wood-trophy-headIf you have fond memories from childhood or real animal trophy heads, then you might be attached to the general design focus of an animal head attached to the wall. That is fine but you can have the best of both worlds with these abstract wooden heads which come in a variety of colors. These include white, black and also gold. However, if you feel creative, it’s perfectly possible to paint them a color or pattern of your choice.

Naturally, due to the size of the pieces, they are best suited to a larger room than normal. Suitable interior spaces include a dining room where family and guests can discuss the joys of nature with natural forms adorning the walls; a games room; a high ceiling basement; or somewhere along a hallway where it will be one of the first items visitors see.
You can see more pictures as well as buy this contemporary take on the animal trophy head by visiting the following location: Moose and Deer Trophy Heads Made From Beech Wood

Price: $269