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One would not usually consider taking home a burnt chair from someone’s garden bonfire. However, in the case of this striking Smoke Chair by Dutch designer Maarten Baas, one might be persuaded otherwise. The Moooi Smoke Armchair is a wonderfully original concept that will provide a rather stunning contemporary focus to a living room or study. So how was this chair created?

moooi-smoke-armchair-blackThe Smoke Chair has a frame that has been finished with fire. This burnt wood look is achieved by setting fire to reclaimed chairs under controlled conditions and allowing them to burnt up to a certain time period. Following this, the now charred chair is lacquered with resin and re-upholstered, resulting in the unique character that the Smoke Chair possesses, as seen in the pictures.

smoke-armchair-close-up-burnt-woodWhen sitting in the black Moooi Smoke Chair one is presented with the sensation of sitting on burnt furniture. Luckily, the structure has been strengthened and is not going to collapse. For a room in the home that needs a mixture of the traditional and a slight touch of the contemporary, this leather Smoke Armchair is an ideal addition. It’s certainly a furniture piece to provide atmosphere and energy to an interior space.

You can buy this burnt wood armchair from the following location: Moooi Smoke Chair Finished With Fire By Maarten Baas.

As one would imagine, no two chairs are alike.

For a bit of extra creativity, you could find a lamp that has a flickering effect and place it in the same section of the room as the Smoke Chair. This would create an amazing look after dark when the main lights are turned down low. There are so many decorative and lighting possibilities with such an unusual chair like this.