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With this serving board, you get not only a dipping bowl but also two decidedly different design themes in the mix as well. The handmade wine bottle shaped serving board is made from wood and is reversible so it can be used on either side. The surface of the board depicts the silhouette of the moon over mountain ranges, which adds an extra decorative quality to the kitchen service item. The dipping bowl is tucked into a neat circular hole near the top.

A serving board like this one is ideal for a wide variety of dishes. You can use the dipping bowl for oil, balsamic vinegar, chilli dips, ketchup, and any number of other sauces. The board is great for cutting bread and/or serving chopped vegetables and other food stuffs to go with the contents of the bowl. The moon and wine bottle themed wooden serving board can be enjoyed both as a decorative piece as well as a functional service item. When not in use it can be stored away or better yet, hung up on a wall hook for all to see.

You can buy it from here: Serving Board with Dipping Bowl.

Two coats of Food grade mineral oil have been applied to bring out the luster and protect the wood from drying out.