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For a seating arrangement that incorporates eco-friendly materials with social functionality, the Moebius double armchair is just the ticket. The unique furniture piece is the creation of Belgian designer Gaëtan Van de Wyer and is manufactured in Thailand by Onyx. It’s a perfect setting for romantic conversations and perhaps some poetry reading. Unlike regular sofas, the reverse seating means the gaze of the other person can be easily met and held.

moebius-rattan-sofaThe Moebius double armchair is made out of rattan and water hyacinth, the latter of which I have explored before on Home Interior Design Themes. The makers of this figure-of-eight double armchair, Onyx, are a relatively new company who specialise in making furniture out of renewable materials and through eco-friendly techniques. You can read more about their work on their website which can be found here: ONYX Furniture.