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I’ve always been a fan of modular cube shelving. This perhaps comes partly from my childhood where my parents often built their own forms of furniture which were dynamic and creative in shape and scope. I love furniture that you can take apart and rebuilt in a different format and this is exactly what you can do with modular cube shelving which provides a wonderful storage facility which also looks great.

modular-cube-shelvingThe modular cube shelving in the image above is a set of 10 cubes many of which have an individual trait. Two of the box-style compartments are empty and face out into the room, one of which is actually a single rectangle with a double opening. These are ideal for using as display areas for picture frames, toys or books. Below the top two levels are a series of cubes with doors and/or draws. Again, a couple of these are rectangular boxes with double openings.

A modular cube shelving set like this one can be situated in any room in the home and can be adapted in multiple ways. I like to paint wood and as you can see in this case, the colors highlight the differences of the various types of cubes as well as create a good looking item of furniture.

For a kid’s room you can paint the modular cubes in a variety of exciting colors as well as place stuffed toys on top and in the open cubes. If you place the storage unit in an adult bedroom or living room, you can adapt the color and style to fit the theme and pre-existing ambiance of the interior. The possibilities are endless and I must say, thoroughly exciting.

You can read more about this modular cube shelving and the various finishes by wandering over to the following location: Modular Cube Set, 7 pieces

Some of the finishes available include pine, cherry and maple.