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Bamboo is one of my favorite materials in use inside a home. This is no less the case with this scrumptious modern wavy bamboo room divider which coils and uncoils with consummate ease. It stands alone meaning it can be placed anywhere in the home interior whether this is in a living room or bedroom. The attractive chocolate brown color of the bamboo allows the wavy room divider to fit decoratively as well as functionally into a great many interior settings.

Room dividers are designed to create divisions in a particular interior space. Reasons vary for this desire and range from the division of a large space into two smaller sections to the need to screen certain storage areas from general view. Room divider screens have been around a long time and are shown in many artistic depictions of European and Asian royalty and nobility from Medieval Times and beyond.

This modern wavy bamboo room divider is constructed using sustainable materials. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant and is carefully cultivated in many parts of the globe. In environmental terms, the bamboo used to make this room screen is very eco-friendly. Vertical strips of the bamboo mean the coiled room divider can be collapsed and rolled up when not in use as well as shaped whilst standing to varying lengths and wave depths.

You can buy this screen from here: Scalloped Room Divider – Chocolate.

Price: $398