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Working from home requires an environment that is inspiring and productive. Whether you are self-employed and work from a home office or you complete homework, tax forms and/or write fiction in the evenings, you can benefit from a good quality computer desk. Speaking of good quality, have a look at this modern steel and glass computer desk which has been designed for the home and will look great in a home study area in any room.

The computer desk features a strengthened clear glass top upon a metal steel frame. It provides enough surface space for all types of computers together with their various accessories such as mouse pads and speakers. An elevated glass printer shelf allows for the safe and secure placement of a printer away from the floor. A pull-out keyboard shelf is perfect for PCs and comes with a safety stop. A shelf to one side of the desk surface space gives room for a printer or other electronic item such as a lamp.

A nice looking metal panel at the front of the desk allows for a certain sense of privacy and is ideal for hiding cables and wires if the desk faces into a room. Overall, together with the stylish legs, this modern steel and glass computer desk is perfect for an interior space where function and form are a requirement and an ambiance of industrial yet creative productivity is desired. As shown in the image above, such a desk will suit a contemporary interior space and will definitely add to the attractiveness of the décor scheme. The glass surface also makes the desk appear smaller than it really is and allows light to reach where it otherwise would not.

You can buy this desk from here: Modern Steel and Glass Computer Desk.

Also included is a mobile CPU caddy.