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There is one word that aptly describes the modern console table and that is ‘versatile’. You are perhaps looking for a furniture piece that will perform the function of displaying your best pottery, sculpture or table lamps whilst at the same time adding a stylish addition to the overall interior design of the room in which the console table is placed. If so, this modern narrow console table made from a mixture of wood, metal and glass is an ideal and versatile furniture piece to consider.

The narrow console table is two-tiered and is identical on either side. This means it can be placed in a variety of locations, whether up against a wall or as a central furniture item in the middle of a room. Long and narrow console tables like this one are ideal for splitting up a large space into two smaller areas, in other words, as a room divider. On the top tier of this modern narrow console table is tempered glass whilst at second lower tier is made from sturdy oak veneer. Two steel bases provide a very solid framework allowing multiple objects to be placed on the shelves.

The position one places a modern narrow console table like this one is dependant to a large extent on the function intended for this versatile furniture piece. I’ve noted when visiting other people’s homes that many place console tables in the hallway. This makes good use of a narrow console table’s functional qualities that allow items to be placed down with ease when entering or leaving the home. For example, one can put keys, mail, handbags, gloves and other similar items we often have in our hands, down upon the console table quickly and without fuss.

Another common location for a piece of furniture like this modern narrow console table is behind a sofa in the living room or home study. The console table in this case provides an attractive backdrop to the seating area as well as another staging location for decorative items one likes to show. In larger rooms, this is an effective filler for when the sofa needs to be closer to a fireplace or television. Most rooms in the home will benefit in some way to the addition of this stylish and modern narrow console table made from wood, metal and glass.

It’s priced at $509 and can be purchased here: Modern Narrow Console Table.