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There’s nothing quite like an oversized contemporary vase to make a statement in a room. This gold painted vase lends itself perfectly to this requirement if you’re seeking a little non-conformity. It’s big, it’s loud and its gold! It’s been given the name ‘Gold Swirl Vase’ but I think it looks more like a seed of some sort and should be given a label to match. The gold painted vase is the same height as it is wide, which is around 15 inches. This lends itself to a variety of possible uses.

gold-painted-vaseThe modern gold painted vase can be displayed purely by itself as an accent piece. It’s beautiful curved form along with its unusual gold color will make it a focal point of virtually any room you place it inside. It’s rather Bohemian in style and thus if you are a wild child yourself and like to mix and match decor and decorative art, then this gold painted vase with a swirl will lend itself well to this interior design patchwork. However, many regular rooms in traditional styles will be able to hold this vase just as well.

The gold painted vase is metallic in nature and can also be used to provide a setting for plants, flowers and dried branches. Its waterproof nature means it will look extraordinary with certain flowers particularly purples and reds. Wild flowers might well suit this modern style of vase the most. You’ll probably know exactly what you can use this gold painted vase for when you see it.

In which case, you can buy this modern vase from the following location:

Modern Gold Painted Vase

It also has a lovely shine which will look nice when the lights are low during the evening hours.