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A coat hook whether wall mounted or free standing is not usually a hallway accessory one takes much notice of. They are provided for a necessary job and that is to hold coats, hats, scarves and even umbrellas. We want our coat hook to be strong, sturdy and easy to use and if it looks good, that’s a bonus. Most are made from wood or metal which merges with the existing decor and is usually understated and as good as invisible.

tree-branch-coat-hookThis changes completely in the case of this modern coat hook in the shape of tree branches. The trellis hook as it is called, comes in a choice of three colors, either lime green, white or charcoal gray which can be matched together. Its abstract and lively design means this modern coat hook will not disappear into the hallway interior like most others.

It’s been so popular that it was featured in the prestigious Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. For a decor tip, I suggest placing it over a small table where you can light candles. This will produce a beautiful flickering branch-like shadow that will bring a touch of nature into the hallway’s interior. Alternatively, you can hang this coat hook next to a wall lamp which will create a similar effect.

You can buy it here: Wall Mounted Modern Coat Hook

Price: $68