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One can often spend a lot of time scouting around for accents and furniture that will compliment a home bathroom. Whether we want something that is small and simple or large and flamboyant, it’s always difficult to decide on what exactly we should choose. This is where the modern bamboo stool comes into the picture.


A bamboo stool is a great choice for an environmental consciousness household. its simple, strong and good looking structure allows it to fit into most types of bathroom decor styles. It’s even better if you have wood, stone or marble flooring as the bamboo stool will compliment these surfaces very much.

The two modern bamboo stools for the bathroom that you see in the images come in two shapes. One square, the other round. One can use either as seating, decorative accents or as small tables on which to put toiletries or a plant. In fact, they needn’t be purely items of furniture for the bathroom and in fact can be placed in any interior space in the home.

Click here to buy the square bamboo stool

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Both cost $248