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Have you ever wished the ice in your freezer was a bit more interesting than the standard cube shape? If so, have a glance at these Moai stone statue-shaped ice trays made from silicone. They are based on the world famous Easter Island stone statues which have become iconic for their distinctive shape, style and history. The Fred & Friends stone cold ice trays are an excellent decorative addition to drinks parties and families meals in the summer heat.

The flexible quality of the silicone means the ice pops out with ease instead of either getting stuck or cracking into two, as is often the case with the more traditional plastic trays. When the statue ice cubes are placed in a filled glass, the Moai features will make the drink look doubly interesting and tasty. They are most definitely conversation starters of the highest order.

In case you didn’t know, the Moai stone statues were made between 500 and 800 years ago on the Polynesian island of Easter Island in the south-east Pacific Ocean. The statues feature a small torso with a large elongated head, which contributes to their iconic status. To the people that created them, they were seen as the features of deified ancestors. Visitors to the island have constantly and consistently been in awe of the craftsmanship, scale and beauty of the stone sculptures.

You can also make small flavoured ice popsicles for children using the Moai stone statue ice trays. Melt some chocolate into the tray compartments too and you’ll have chocolaty Moai goodies for when friends and family visit.

You can buy the trays from here: Easter Island Statue Silicone Ice Trays.

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