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With today’s electronic gadgets often overwhelmingly complicated and sometimes confusing, it’s a refreshing change to see a functional item for the bedside table looking like wooden cube with an LED light. Well, that’s actually exactly what this alarm clock is and it’s perfect for a bedroom that has a decidedly minimalist atmosphere and décor scheme. No fancy gadgets with whistles and touch screens here, just a simple wooden block that tells you all you need to know.

An LED display screen is inbuilt into the wooden cube and displays the time as though imprinted onto the wooden surface. This is in fact achieved by the clapping of your hands, for when not activated, the LED display screen remains blank. In this state, the clock is for all intents and purposes, looks to merely be a decorative wooden accent piece. A benefit of the clap activation is the ability to find the clock in a pitch black room if you have inadvertently placed it elsewhere.

The wood cube alarm clock is ideal for a bedside table but it can be placed in just about any location in the room such as on a shelf or cabinet. The LED displayed time is clear to see from anywhere. It can also be situated in a home office or library where it can remind you of the time when trying to complete an important assignment on time. Here, the benefit rests in the hiding of the time when not urgently required so as to prevent clock watching which frequently wastes time and causes tension.

If you have a stylishly minimalist kitchen interior, then it will look great there too and is perfect for use when cooking and have messy hands. All you need to do is clap (hopefully not whilst covered with flour) and voilà, the time is revealed. It’s fun, modern and different, making it a unique time piece for people who like something out of the ordinary.

You can buy it here: Wood Cube Alarm Clock.

Available in dark or light wood.