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Wall Mirrors can really add light and the illusion of extra size to a room. For small rooms especially, any extra help in creating the feeling of space and increasing the brightness of an interior can be greatly beneficial. That’s not just a case for little spaces however, even large living rooms or bedrooms can be enhanced with a good looking mirror. They become a decorative art piece in their very being.

mingle-mirror-decorative-gathering-of-glass-squares-on-brass-frameThis is particularly the case with the Mingle Mirror. In fact, despite the singular quality to the name, it’s actually a rather glamorous gathering of mirrors that reflect light in a shimmering aura of sophistication. A grid of polished brass holds together various sized square mirrors that literally mix and mingle like a society gathering.

mingle-mirror-decorative-gathering-of-glass-squares-on-brass-frame-exampleIt’s not quite like having Angelina Jolie and George Clooney making small talk on your wall but it will be a chic and modern decorative art piece that will enliven your interior environment. You have the choice of hanging the mirrors horizontally or vertically depending upon your interior design plans.

Just think, you can do your make-up in one mirror whilst boyfriend does his in another.

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