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I was asked recently what exactly is microfiber furniture. It’s quite a common question and an important one if you’re considering buying an upholstered furniture piece such as a sofa, chair or bed. Microfiber furniture is a popular choice for many people but I thought I would share some positives and negatives about this type of fabric. I’ll also touch briefly on what exactly microfiber is and whether it is easier to clean than other types of fiber.

Microfiber is composed of very tiny fibers such as polyester. To look at, the microfibre appears similar to soft suede or even leather. If you run your finger over the surface of the fabric you will be able to feel the extremely small fibers that might escape the naked eye. Microfiber furniture, as you have probably already, is basically any furniture piece that incorporates microfiber whether as a decorative covering or as part of its structure. It’s very easy to find Microfiber furniture both online and in furniture stores in most city shopping areas.

Microfiber furniture can be found in a wide assortment of colors and prints. This is because microfibre has no problem with holding colors and does so well. Microfibre is used most particularly for chair, sofa and Ottoman upholstery as well as in the covers for padded bed rests which are hugely popular.

One negative that might be difficult for some people is the fact the manufacture of microfiber materials and therefore furniture is not environmentally friendly. The process of making such fabrics is not sustainable and thus for those interested in purchasing furniture that is kind to the environment, it is best to look for natural fibers. That said, whether good or bad, the popularity of microfiber furniture amongst shoppers is high.

Many furniture sellers will claim that microfiber furniture is reasonably easy to clean and that it is fairly well able to resist wear. This claim comes from the fact that microfiber fabrics in general are slower than more natural fabrics to absorb spilled liquids. When an accident occurs, a dry towel placed quickly over the substance will absorb a lot of the fluid. This makes it a more attractive alternative for households with children and pets.

However, one should realise too that there are different types of microfiber and resulting microfiber furniture. Whilst most are easier to clean, each one does rely on a different type of cleaning process. Some microfiber materials can be cleaned with just water, others needs solvents and still others need a combination of both. When purchasing a microfiber furniture piee it’s vital to enquire about which cleaner is appropriate for the particular microfiber one is buying. If the wrong solvent is used, the furniture could be irreversibly damaged.

Whether choosing a microfiber furniture piece because of concerns over stains or not, the look and feel of microfiber is a popular choice for many furniture buyers. It looks nice and feels nice and with the right care will last a long time. Just remember, there are different types of microfiber and each one has different qualities and cleaning requirements. Fortunately, most microfiber products will come with their own instructions for such requirements.