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I came across Kimberly when tweeting and twittering on the social networking site Twitter. I’d confused her mention of “frozen chimichangas” as “frozen chimpanzees” which had led to a concerned thought that the little primate was perhaps a culinary delicacy where she lived.

collections-of-mexico-logoKim lives in Guadalajara, Mexico where she has set up her own exciting business called Collections of Mexico which is a carefully selected collection of art, sculpture and home decor items made by native Mexican artists. Along with her friend Cati, the adventurous duo have carried out their goal of working exclusively with small businesses and finding beautiful gems therein that the folks back home in the States would love to buy.

mexican-moon-walkersThese include pewter pieces, ceramics, sculptures, home decor, and barware.  I highly recommend visiting Collections of Mexico where you can read more about their journey and browse the various catagories of beautiful gifts.

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