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This city scene metal wall art sculpture is a great decorative feature for an artistic household. Metropolis I portrays an unnamed city and is a mixture of colours and metal textures shaped in the outlines of various buildings on would expect to see on a cityscape. One might recognise parts of your own city in this city themed wall sculpture or it might remind you of places you have been before. The rustic metal style is perfect for a depiction of a city.

The city is actually next to a body of water, whether a lake, river or the sea. A boat or two can be seen floating in the water whilst the reflection of the buildings is cleverly mirrored in the surface of the water. The metal shapes can arouse various emotions depending on your memories and state of mind. There is happiness to be found in the joy of a big city whilst sadness of rusting lives can also be brought to the fore. With such a transitional style art piece as this, one’s ideas of what the metal wall art piece means can change from day to day, and that is the magic of it.

You can buy this piece from here: Metropolis I Wall Art.

Painted on metal sheet with an inner wood frame.