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Returning from a trip to Paris can be a sad occasion especially if you’re an admirer of France and French culture in general. However, you can remind yourself of this wonderfully old city with this metal wire Eiffel Tower shaped table clock. It’s basically a scaled down version of the real tower which was constructed between the years 1887 and 1889. Whilst this table clock version is not as long-lived, it does bestow the character of the Paris iconic structure.

A small glass covered clock is situated on the bottom half of the metal wire tower replica. It’s been aged somewhat and thus matches the metallic nature of the Eiffel Tower sculpture. The table clock is a perfect decorative accessory for just about any room in the home. If you know of someone with a fondness for anything and everything French, then this Tour Eiffel clock will make a perfect gift.

It’s also a nice clock for a child’s room especially for one who was disappointed the last vacation to Europe ended so quickly. From my own personal experience, displaying an item that reminds me of happy times and cultural riches, really enlivens and personalises an interior.

Price: $46.95