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Needing some extra storage space for your bathroom that just seems to be impossible to find? If so, you can consider an over-the-toilet spacesaver which is basically a set of free-standing shelves that is located over the toilet. The shelves offer much required storage needs as well as providing a decorative element to the area in the bathroom, the bit around the toilet, that is so often left bare and empty.

The Lyon Spacesaver comes with four long legs which lift the shelving area clear above the toilet seat and tank thereby ensuring hygiene is paramount. The curving metal designs along the framework heighten the decorative charm of this metal spacesaver and this is further enhanced with a classic pewter finish. Three wire shelves allow an assortment of bathroom items and toiletries to be stored away, including towels, soaps, cleansing wipes, shower scrubbers, small plants and room fragrances.

Some bathrooms are small and finding a suitable place to put items can be difficult. The nature of the bathroom interior means that various plumbing fixtures, windows and in-built cupboards prevent free-standing shelving from being placed along spacious walls as would be the case elsewhere in the home. This over-the-toilet metal spacesaver shelving unit however does away with the need for a bare wall and merges with your toilet fixture to make great use of the space. It’s functional and aesthetically charming which will add decorative quality to the bathroom interior.

You can buy it from here: Metal Over-the-Toilet Spacesaver Shelving.

It has received some excellent reviews from previous buyers.