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A wall sconce is a light fixture that is attached to the wall and has no foundation on the ground. This metal leaf wall sconce with 4 glass candle holders is a fine example of this type of lighting. Wall mounted lighting is a popular way to increase localised ambiance levels in a certain part of an interior. When grouped together, they can provide enough light to replace a ceiling fixture. If you’re looking for a sconce with a difference, then this one shown in the image below will be of interest.

metal-leaf-wall-sconce-candle-holdersWall sconces come in many different shapes and sizes but my favorite types involve ones that immitate nature. This is evidenced perfectly with this metal leaf wall sconce made from iron. The beautiful and intricate floral sculpture provides an attractive backdrop to the four glass candle holders attached to the metalwork. Each of these holders are designed to hold a tea-light or similar small candle.

Whilst this metal leaf wall sculpture is not going to provide a strong light source for an interior space, it will create a wonderful lighting accent feature on and around the wall on which it is placed. Candles naturally create a dynamic lighting source with their flickering movement. In the case of sculptural wall sconces like this one, the candle flames will create delightful dancing shadows on the wall. If you’re wanting to create a romantic and cosy atmosphere during the evenings, then this metal leaf sconce will be ideal.

You can purchase this decorative sconce from here: Metal Leaf Wall Sconce With 4 Glass Candle Holders.

It has a price tag of $99.50