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This metal Freedom Rider sculpture in sage green portrays a man on a bike with his arms held aloft. It will appeal to anyone who has ridden a bicycle and suddenly felt a wave of joy and happiness which has consequently led to them throwing their arms into the air in celebration. This cyclist themed sculpture is one of positive human expression and emotion which will become a decorative focal point in just about any interior setting in which it is placed.

The metal sculpture is a great gift idea for anyone with a fondness for cycling, whether they engage in it themselves or actively watch road races on television. The Tour de France regularly sees triumphant cyclists raising their arms aloft when crossing the finishing line. If you want to lift a room’s mood, then this metal sculpture is ideal. It’s been given a sage green finish as well as rust coloured highlights to accentuate the material and form. The cyclist’s jacket, flowing in the wind behind him, creates an extra sense of movement, vitality and life.

You can buy this sculpture from here: Metal Freedom Rider Sculpture.

See product page for dimensions.