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If you’re like me, your DVD collection builds up over time until suddenly one day you realise you don’t have anywhere to store the amazing array of movies you have acquired. You can put them in boxes or pile them up against the bottom of the wall but it’s a devil to get an individual DVD case out just when you need it. More often than not, you scatter a dozen cases on the floor before you find the one you’re looking for. Wouldn’t it be better to have a metal DVD holder that allows for ease of access and display?

metal-dvd-holder-on-wheelsThe metal DVD holder on wheels in the picture above is a particular favorite of mine. Not only will it suit a modern interior but will also add a dynamic element to any space. This is a rolling DVD ladder which means it can be placed against any wall in the home and gently rolled to a location of your choice during movie sessions.

The metal DVD holder on wheels as presented here holds up to 120 DVDs. If you have more than that, you can place two, three or more of these rolling DVD ladders side by side to produce a larger shelving effect. Whether you’re a student looking for a DVD storage furniture piece for your new dorm room or a family with kids who wants ease of access for all the family, this metal DVD holder is a perfect choice.

You can buy this metal DVD holder on wheels here: scooter dvd ladder

It’s had some great reviews as noted in the review section on the page linked to above.