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My favorite types of drinks coasters are usually the old-fashioned sort found in traditional English pubs or German taverns. The style that hark back to older times and parade a certain cultural history. However, I’m always one to grab hold of contemporary and innovative designs and that’s why I was impressed with these metal disc coasters and accompanying steel metal post. They look good and they also have a clever self-storage system which you can see below.

The metal disc coasters are a modern take on the traditional wooden or cardboard coasters and not only look enticingly futuristic but are also perfectly functional. If you’re looking for something to protect wooden table surfaces whilst drinking at a home bar or on the dining room table, then these metal disc coasters are ideal. The set of 6 circular coasters with a hole in the middle have generous cushions on the base which means the table surface is protected from both glass marks and liquid stains.

When the metal disc coasters are not in use, they can be placed one on top of another around the metal post that is included in the set. This post and made-to-fit disc coasters creates a wonderful storage system that means the coasters will be hard pushed to get lost in some drawer or unreachable gap. Goodness knows how many small coasters I have lost over the years. The clever storage feature also makes an attractive display and the steel metal disc coasters when piled together can be part of the home bar decor or a modern design feature left for all to see.

You can buy these unique metal coasters from the following location: Metal Disc Coasters and Post.

Price: $68 (7 piece set)