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The simple kitchen frying pan is a rather mundane item. Some look good or as stylish as a frying pan can ever be. We couldn’t live without them however and they do their job perfectly. They know their place too and that is in the kitchen, on the stove, or stored away in a cupboard. Some get to hang on the pantry or kitchen walls, if they’re lucky. Never in their wildest and most sizzling of dreams would they imagine a humble frying pan becoming part of a chicken.

frying-pan-chicken-sculpture-metalThat’s exactly what the Fried Chicken Sculpture is. This 20 inch high expressive chicken is made from various recycled metals including a frying pan. Although designed to stand in a garden, yard or patio, it can also be a great addition to a home interior. If you have a country kitchen, a rustic library room, a bohemian bedroom or such like, then this chirpy chicken is going to be mighty happy to be a decorative art fixture in one of the corners.

I think it looks great! The metal Fried Chicken Sculpture is sure to brighten up any room or yard it’s placed in. Just don’t put it in the hallway, you don’t want old Aunt Sally having a heart attack.

It costs just $89.99 and can be purchased from here: Fried Chicken Recycled Metal Sculpture