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In a recent post I talked about the things you should consider before purchasing a house plant. Within this article I hinted at the multitude of plant containers you can get which will compliment both the plant and the interior space. Whilst you don’t necessarily want the container to outshine the house plant, it can add a dynamic or decorative lift to the area of the room where the two are placed.

metal-cat-plant-pot-holderIf you are a cat lover, then this particular metal cat sculpture and flower pot holder will appeal greatly to you. It can be placed outside or inside and will be suited to either environment. I’m a fan of bringing outdoor objects inside, after all, why should the birds and the squirrels have all the fun?

The cat sculpture and pot holder is made from recycled materials and each one is uniquely made in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s composed of bare metals which if placed outside, will gradually rust. However indoors, this process will be negligible. There are various clear acrylic enamel sprays you can use to stop rust.

More information and pricing can be found here: 6-Inch Cat Pot Holder