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A mermaid toilet handle makes a nice finishing touch to an ocean themed bathroom interior. Like the one shown below in the image, toilet flush handles with a decorative style are very popular with certain décor schemes. If you have children in the home, they can add a little excitement and charm to what might otherwise look a rather bland and uninviting space. For sea themed bathrooms, they make an ideal addition that will bring smiles to people’s faces.

Mermaids are a mythological aquatic creature portrayed as beings with a female human head and torso together with a fish’s tail. The mermaid story is nearly as old as civilisation and was first recorded in literature in Assyria, in modern day Iraq. From there the story spread to Greece, Arabia and eventually to Western Europe. As the centuries passed, the look and stories surrounding the mermaid changed and developed along local cultural lines and has been additionally immortalised in famous paintings, sculptures and films.

If you’re looking for a little touch of fanciful décor then this mermaid toilet handle is something to ponder further. Nearly everyone of us has at some point in our childhood has been left in awe of the fantasy and mystery surrounding these beautiful creatures. With a satin pewter finish, this decorative toilet flush handle will soon be an integral part of your bathroom design. The front mount instillation is also available in gold, chrome, pewter and antique brass finishes.

You can buy this toilet lever here: Mermaid Toilet Flush Handle – Front Mount – Satin Pewter (Satin Nickel).

Price: $39.99