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If you’re looking for a contemporary lighting instillation with a difference when this matchstick sculptural floor lamp for leaning against a wall is certainly a fixture to consider. It’s unique as well as eye-catching and has an aura of Alice in Wonderland charm and fantasy. This type of floor lamp will work well in a variety of interior settings ranging from the minimalist town house to the bohemian artist’s studio apartment.

The matchstick floor lamp sculpture is made up of a wooden stand with a plastic tip on top. When the floor lamp is lit, the light in the plastic tip illuminates with a soft glow, providing a fascinating accent piece to a darkened room. During the day, the matchstick floor lamp is merely a sculpture that looks remarkably like a giant matchstick leaning against a wall. The tip comes in a choice of two colors, either red or white, depending on the effect you want created in a particular interior.

This matchstick sculptural floor lamp is perfect for a city artist, writer, musician or regular host of dinner and cocktail parties. Placed in the room where guests mingle most and where an unusual but beautiful ambiance is needed, this leaning matchstick lamp will provide a funky backdrop to the setting. It’s definitely a talking point and with the main lights turned down low, will certainly create a romantic, magical and surreal environment for creativity and conversation to thrive.

You can buy this sculptural matchstick lamp from the following location: Matchstick Sculptural Floor Lamp for Leaning Against a Wall.

It has a price tag of $229