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Modular Cat Playgrounds – If you have a number of cats who just love to clamber over all your furniture and up the curtains and walls, then you might consider purchasing one of these amazing modular cat playgrounds. This is especially the case if you like to keep your cat indoors. The modular playgrounds allow an environment in which cats can play and explore whilst getting rid of excess energy. For cat owners with a special room devoted to their cats, these modular sets will make a stunning addition to the interior space and your cat’s playtime.

Cat’s Wall Climbing Fixtures – Cat’s adore high places and vantage points. Wall climbing fixtures allow the feline to gain a sense of security and comfort by surveying the room and home from a place where they can see all that’s going on. If you have a mixed pet household consisting of dogs, then cat’s wall climbing fixtures allow the cat to find a place of quiet and relaxation away from excited dog paws and licks.

Cat Litterbox Furniture – Anyone who has at least one cat litter tray in the home will know the mess and smell that can arise once one’s beloved pet has been to the toilet. If the cat is properly house trained, it’s not so much of a problem but all too frequently dear little Felix can forget to cover his left over. Cat litter-box furniture as shown in this section is an ideal way to cover the sight and smells of a messy litter tray from the eyes of guests and family members. Most come in delightfully constructed wooden chests which merge in with the rest of the furniture.

Indoor Cat Trees and Towers – Cats love to climb and anyone who has seen them outside will know that fact first hand. For cats who are kept indoors or live in urban areas with few trees, indoor cat trees and towers can provide a fun alternative for your feline’s enjoyment. Most cat trees and towers are designed to look aesthetically pleasing in whichever setting they are located. This means an indoor cat tree can easily become part of the living room or hallway furniture. Your cat will spend hours leaping up and down from one branch to another. Many varieties can be found in this section.

Pet Steps and Ramps – Some small or elderly dogs have trouble getting from one place to another if there is a certain height to overcome. For example, if your dog has a favourite chair on which it naps, then a pet step or ramp will provide an easy access route for a little legged or arthritic dog. Pet steps and ramps can also be employed for other types of animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and mice if you desire for them to be able to access another part of the room or house. This section provide a number of steps and ramps, mainly for dogs but also for pets of any type.

Cat Scratching Posts – As any cat owner will know, cat’s can cause quite a bit of damage when they go on a scratching spree. Cat’s naturally need to work their claws and so the best option is to buy them a cat scratching post they can use instead of your best armchair or new sofa. Scratching posts are usually nice looking items which will sit happily in most rooms, either in the corner or as a feature in themselves. If you have indoor cats, then scratching posts are pretty much a necessity.