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Table Lamps Recessed Lighting Kid’s Lighting

Ceiling Lights – This section covers all lighting which hangs from or is attached in some way to the ceiling. Lighting in this format is diverse in appearance, size and scope. From the traditional to the ultra-modern, there will be ceiling light fixtures that will suit all tastes and requirements.

Wall Lights – As the title suggests, this section is devoted to lamps that attach to the walls of the domestic home interior. These can range in appearance from the classical styles to the more modern abstract lighting. Whether you’re seeking a light for your bedroom wall, bathroom wall or basement wall, there will be a wall light to suit all needs.

Floor Lamps – Floor lamps are designed to stand alone on the floor. As one might imagine, these are usually tall and thin creations but there are floor lamps which cannot be categorised as such. Some are small and wide in appearance whilst others have a modern ‘explosive’ style structure. You’ll find all kinds of floor lamps in this section.

Table Lamps – Whether a desk lamp or a regular decorative table lamp, in this section you’ll be able to discover just about any kind of lamp for a table top you can imagine. Some come with shades, others without, whilst desk lamps come in a wide range of ultra-modern accessories and designs. Angle your lamp any which way you like.

Recessed Lighting – When you want your lighting fixtures to merge into the ceiling, then recessed lighting is the way to go. This detailed section includes a wide array of lighting fixtures that are designed to sink into the ceiling or wall in which they are situated. This is ideal for modern ambient lighting techniques and for showcasing individual pieces such as expensive vases or works of art.

Kid’s Lighting – Fun, colorful and eye-catching. These are the usual requirements when it comes to kid’s lighting. In this department you’ll find a gigantic range of lighting for children including table lamps, wall lights and light shades. A huge selection of themes are also included which will compliment existing decoration schemes such as superhero d├ęcor for boys and pink princess themes for girls.