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Candles and Candle Holders – This section of Home Interior Design Themes covers candles and candle holders, otherwise known as candlesticks or candelabra. Candles and their holders are nowadays used mostly for ambient lighting and decoration rather than as lighting fixtures in themselves such as they were in previous centuries. This has allowed more decorative and indeed, unique, designs to appear which will suit all tastes and themes.

Throw Pillows – Also known as throw cushions, these small and decorative pillows are ideal for adding some color and softness to a room. These pillows are usually used in conjunction with sofas and armchairs in the living room but can also be placed on beds, indoor benches and window sills. There are a wide range of colors, patterns and materials. The latter of these includes silk, cotton, hemp and leather as well as a wide variety of shapes to fit just about any setting. This section covers the whole range of diverse throw pillow designs.

Decorative Bowls and Baskets – This department is filled with beautiful bowls and baskets perfect for use as decorative features and storage spaces for small bits and pieces. Bowls are varied in style and include vessels made from a number of different materials such as ceramic, wood, plastic and metal. Themed bowls are also available which can compliment a whole host of existing d├ęcor schemes.

Decorative baskets are one of the most popular accessories and no wonder, for they are quite beautiful. This is true especially when one regards the materials a lot of the baskets are made from such as rattan (reed), bamboo, grasses (sea-grass) and even willow. Basket-making is one of the oldest professions and the earliest found baskets date back from 12,000 years ago. The multitude of techniques provide a wide choice on offer which can really add a sophisticated and natural feel to your home.

Books – Reading material and pictorial examples are must haves when it comes to gaining inspiration, ideas and tips on designing your home interior. It’s always wise to follow the advice of people who have done interior decoration before especially well trained and thoroughly experienced designers in the field. The books in this section are the best quality in their genre and will provide hours of enjoyment as well as wonderful ideas for you to create magic with your home decor schemes.

Decorative Plates – A plate is a flat and broad vessel on which food is usually served. However, this section deals purely with plates that are primarily designed for decorative functions. Decorative plates can be found in a variety of materials and these include bone china, stoneware, porcelain, glass and even wood. The need for decorative plates started in China and was popular with European royalty and nobility. It was in the 18th century that they became must haves for the rest of society. A wide variety of decorative plates can be found in this section with designs from across the world.

Picture Frames – This section features a range of picture frames which are basically containers in which photographs, paintings and other 2-dimensional art pieces can be placed. Picture frames come in so many different designs, colors, shapes and sizes which can all highlight and enhance a special photograph or drawing. Included in this section are the simple wood and metal rectangular frames which sit on table tops and shelves as well as the more elaborate multicoloured and intricately carved frames.

Room Dividers and Screens – In their basic format, room dividers and screens are used to split large rooms in half and provide smaller areas of privacy in a large shared bedroom or bathroom. Whether used for functional or aesthetic reasons, a room divider or screen can add color and a decorative accent that would otherwise cost a lot of money and building work. Dividers are also great to hide unsightly areas of an interior space such as corners which are used for storage or which have a lot wires. Themed room dividers especially for children can also be found in this section.

Statues and Figurines – As one might imagine, this department is highly varied in possibilities. There are literally thousands of choices depending on what statue, figurine or ornament you are looking for. Whether you’re looking for a white bust of Shakespeare and Mozart or a beautifully intricate portrayal of a duck or pig, you’ll find them all here. Use the search feature in the various mini-sections to find the type of figurines you’re looking for.

Vases – The vase has a long and rich history. Probably the most iconic are the decorative vases from Ancient Greece as well as the delicate features of East Asian vases. A vase is basically a container with an open top in which to hold flowers. They are made in a variety of materials which mainly consist of glass, earthenware and ceramics. Some vases also have handles of various sizes which help in the carrying process and also add extra decorative features. In this section you’ll find vases in the classic designs as well as ones that are decidedly contemporary in look.

Clocks – A clock is an instrument which measures the passage of time. This section deals with clocks of all types, sizes and styles that can be found in the domestic home interior. These include table clocks, wall clocks, alarm clocks and grandfather clocks as well as analog and digital versions. There are also a multitude of clocks available which one might not have heard of before including the flip clock. Whether you want a clock with a pendulum or one with an accompanying map of the world and its daylight movements, you’ll find what you need here.

World Globes – This section presents a large array of world globes that can either stand on a table or taller versions which can become a floor furniture piece in themselves. A globe is a spherical representation of the world and despite the identical subject, they differ in designs, colors and sizes, not to mention materials. Older globes are somewhat different to contemporary globes and differences between the two include raised-relief representation and an inner light bulb.

Mirrors – A mirror is basically an item that has a reflective surface. Mirrors are usually a single panel of glass mirror which provides a reflection for a variety of purposes. This section provides a number of mirrors of different sizes, shapes and styles including the frames which often surround the glass itself. Whether you want a table mirror or a wall mirror, you’ll find them here.