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Kid’s Table and Chair Sets – Furniture sets for children are usually made from either wood or strong plastics. These are frequently colorful and exciting on the eye. Kid’s table and chair sets provide a functioning scaled down version of an adult table and chair set for your children and their friends to use. Available in a variety of different sizes, this section provides an array of kid’s furniture sets which will compliment any kid’s bedroom or playroom as well as garden in the warmer months.

Bookcases – Children like to have their own furniture and possessions. This can be especially important when it comes to the storage of educational materials such as books and CDs. A colourful bookcase such as the variety found in this section, can go along way to making education and reading fun. As well as books, other items such as pictures, toys and flower pots can be placed on the shelves of the bookcase thereby providing a multitude of benefits to your child’s room.

Step Stools – Little kids love to watch what mommy and daddy are doing around the house. However, they often get frustrated when their little legs and small stature won’t allow them to see what’s going on above the counter top. Step stools are great kid’s furniture pieces for just about any room in the home where a child might need a helping step up. These include scenarios in the kitchen when you want to make cookies together, or in the bedroom so that your son or daughter can reach a bench seat or wall shelf.

Toy Chests and Boxes – If your children’s toys are becoming a burden by being left on the floor or stacked in a corner, then a toy chest or box might be what you need. This section provides a wide range of kid’s toy chests and boxes which can become excellent storage furniture solutions in your child’s bedroom or playroom. Many come in beautiful natural wood with small engravings which really look lovely in themselves. Others are plastic and have colorful and fun thematic designs such as cartoon characters or animal designs.

Bunk Beds – Children love bunk beds and indeed so do many adults. Anyone who had a bunk bed as a child can remember the joy of climbing the ladder and sleeping high up in safety and security. Kid’s bunk beds which are featured in this section come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs. There are the simple wooden framed bunk beds as well as the one bunk loft beds with space underneath for a desk or play space. One of my favourites is the bunk bed with slide and tent which can also be found here.