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Bathroom Vanities – A bathroom vanity is an item of furniture that can best be described as a cabinet which sits underneath the bathroom sink. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. Some can be purchased with a sink bowl included but many do not. Bathroom vanities have surface tops made from various materials including marble or tile. These can vary in price depending on the type.

There are a myriad of additional options that come with the vanity and these include mirrors and wall mounted cabinets, often referred to as medicine cabinets. The main bathroom vanity will mostly consist of cupboards and drawers in which to place accessories such as towels, toiletries and cleaning items. If you have children in the home, then it’s probably wide to find a vanity that comes with locks and these are indeed widely available.

Toilets – A regular home toilet is a plumbing fixture which disposes of human bodily waste and effluent. There are a wide variety of toilet designs which include such types as the flush toilet, squat toilet and urinal, however on this website I’ve focussed almost solely on the Western sit-down flush toilet.

Flush toilet styles and designs usually seem very similar to one another and, in fact, they are. However, when looking for a toilet there are small differences which can make the choice you make a little easier. Toilet seats can make a toilet more attractive and these can be found in wood, plastic or even metal. Others, especially for children, can come with decorative covers and body colors such as pink or blue.

It’s fascinating to note that the first flush toilet dates all the way back to the 26th century BC. Most homes in the Indus Valley Civilization had an early type of flush toilet which was connected to a very sophisticated sewage system.

Showers – There are two distinct types of showers available to buy. The first, which I’ve largely featured on this website, is the stall shower. This is a shower which is enclosed within a glass cubicle which prevents water spray from spreading across the bathroom. Stall showers can sometimes also come with curtains whereby they are tucked into the base ridge of the shower cubicle.

The second type of shower is the bathtub shower which, as its name suggests, is basically a bath/shower hybrid. A single overhead nozzle is attached to the wall above the bath and points downwards into the tub. Shower curtains on rails are used to shield the rest of the bathroom from water spray. These types of shower are a cheap alternative to a complete refurbishment of the bathroom in order to install a stall shower.

Bidets – A bidet is a small sink type bathroom fixture which is hung low, usually next to the toilet. To an untrained eye, they can look rather like a stylish sink. Bidets are relatively rare in the United States compared to the European continent and if installed it can be a good idea to place a small sign on the wall above for visiting guests and friends, so as to avoid confusion. Bidets are most suitable for larger bathrooms where there is plenty of space for the extra bathroom furniture fixture to be installed.

Many people, especially in Asia, consider using toilet paper to be unhygienic and rather disgusting. A small jet of water which the bidet produces is considered a much healthier and quicker alternative. Many bidets come with temperature controls which prevents a cold water shock from deterring use during the colder months of the year. A few even come with warm air dryers to reduce the need for a special towel. For anyone suffering from chronic haemorrhoids, a bidet is a solution to seriously consider.

Bathroom Sinks – The bathroom sink is usually quite different from the kitchen style of sink. It’s frequently bowl-shaped in appearance and much smaller. Bathroom sinks can be found in a wide range of materials and these include stainless steel, ceramic, enamel (over steel), ceramic, marble, stone, copper and even granite. However, the more regular and familiar sinks are made from ceramic or enamel materials.

Bathroom sinks come in my styles but the most popular are the free-standing variety and counter-tops. There are however some beautiful and elegant vessel sinks which stand alone on a table rather like an empty fruit bowl. In fact, these are growing in popularity due to the decorative possibilities and wide range of materials in which they are found.