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Laundry hampers for the bathroom are an ideal temporary storage accessory to have. The maple weave bathroom laundry hamper seen in the picture below is of a style that will suit a wide variety of bathroom interiors. The hard maple comes from the forests bordering the Great Lakes and has been finished to the highest quality. The style of the laundry hamper will compliment most interior settings.

Laundry hampers are used to store dirty laundry until they can be washed. They are usually stored in the bathroom, in a bedroom or in a utility room. Most, like this maple weave one have lids as well. If you don’t have a mashing machine and rely on the local Laundromat, then this maple weave laundry basket has in-built handles which allow for easy carrying and transportation. In fact, that might not even be necessary seeing as the hamper comes with a removable bag which can then be taken to the area where the clothing is to be washed.

This compact rectangular bathroom laundry hamper looks nice and is highly functional. It’s a great choice for a small to medium sized household or as a laundry accessory in a guest bathroom. The woven maple strips give a natural charm to the piece and will look lovely beside the bathroom door, below a window or in a spare corner.

Price: $59.95