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Maple wood is widely used in the creation of furniture and decorative items. These include butcher’s blocks, tables and benches. It’s not surprising therefore that maple wood is also the choice for many a handmade kitchen cutting board. The decorative wood grain found in this species of tree often provides a delightful pattern that adds a certain panache to kitchen’s interior decor.

maple-wood-cutting-boardThe handmade cutting board shown in the picture above is the creation of the widely respected wood artist Spencer Peterman. Each and every one of his boards is unique and made with genuine care for quality and safety. From his art studio in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, Peterman carefully chooses the right kinds of hardwood that will provide quality to the finished piece.

Maple cutting boards will fit naturally in most types of kitchen. They will go especially well with marble counter tops, as seen in the image, plus rural style interior design. When not in use they can be hung on the wall or rested against a vertical surface to provide an extra decorative accent.

This particular handmade wooden cutting board can be found here: Handmade Maple Cutting Board

Price: $89.00

Did you know?: Maple is also known as Acer which is derived from the Latin word meaning “sharp”. This name was given due to the sharp looking points on the leaves. Maple can be found across the globe including in North America, Europe, parts of the Middle East and also in East Asia. The Sugar Maple tree (found only in North America) also provides the ingredients for maple syrup via its sap.