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Maps in the home are normally associated with atlases, children’s world globes and perhaps a poster on a teenager’s bedroom wall. However, this map of the world silhouette pillow cushion combines the joy of maps with soft furnishings to create an appealing decorative accessory for a sofa, bench or bed. It features the entire world from the Americas on one side to Australia and New Zealand on the other. Its length makes it perfect for reclining furniture as well.

If you are anything like me, maps will be an important part of your life. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fascination with maps and all things related to them. The long winding rivers, arching mountain ranges, vast seas and the countless cities, towns and villages that make up the average map held my interest for countless hours when a child. Now in adulthood, the image of a world map, atlas or globe sends my heart beating a little bit faster and it’s all I can do to stop myself from purchasing a map related book, poster or decorative item each and every time I see one.

You’re bound to know someone like me with an interest in maps and cartography (map-making). If you or someone you knows is map-mad then this map of the world silhouette pillow cushion will make an excellent addition to their home. The land masses are in black whilst the seas are left white. Black and white soft furnishings can blend in well with numerous styles of furniture and décor schemes. The pillow can take a prime position in a living room or, maybe better still, in a bedroom or study area, especially for someone with a career connected to maps and travel.

You can buy the pillow cushion from here: World Map Pillow in Black by Ferm Living.

Material: cotton/linen (down filling).