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Made from pure cotton, this Around the World kids bedding set is a sure way to entice your small child into appreciating the wonders of the world. I remember when I was a little one, I’d pour over maps for hours on end, looking at the various countries, mountain ranges, cities and seas wondering who lived where and what scenery each place presented. This was most definitely inspired by the map books and kid’s decorative accessories my parents bought me.

You can also plant the seeds of learning in your child’s mind with this fun and aesthetically beautiful bedding set. Included in the set is a twin duvet cover, fitted sheet and a pillow case. There are optional extras in regards to the type of pillowcase you desire. On the top of the duvet cover there is represented a blue sea with the major continents of the world included. On each continent are a few images portraying the famous landmarks, animals and geographical features that are well-known to that particular part of the world.

For example, a panda sits in China; the Eiffel Tower stands tall over Western Europe; and what looks like a cityscape can be seen covering North America.

On the reverse is a complimenting print of waves boats and fish design which matches with the pillowcases. The bedding set is wonderfully charming and visually relaxing as well as being a great first step in your child’s interest in the wider world. It will be particularly suitable for a geography themed kid’s bedroom and will compliment bedside globe lamps, map wallpaper, flag décor and images of animals and places from different continents. I know for sure that I would have loved this map of the world bedding set as a child.

You can buy it from here: Around the World Kid’s Bedding Set.

Designed by the London-based design team ‘Designers Guild’.