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Ever since I was a child I have loved maps of all kinds. When other children would be playing the new-fangled computer games, I’d be studying the borders of Europe, the mountain ranges of Asia and the street maps of Rome and Athens, both modern and ancient. It’s not surprising therefore that when I stumbled across this sculptural table map of Dublin, I just had to write about it on here.

map-of-dublin-coffee-tableDublin, as all my readers will of course know, is the capital of Ireland. It was founded by the Vikings who built a settlement at the mouth of the River Liffey. Nowadays, the city is a thriving cultural hub as well as home to industry, education, the arts and various economic and administrative centres. You can read a lot more about the fascinating history and culture of Dublin here: City of Dublin.

‘My City’ as the coffee table is called, is a creation of Irish designer Jenny Walsh. Her stated aim when designing is to make nostalgic and sentimental pieces that remind the viewer of happy memories and hopefully to induce a smile. The coffee table as pictured above has embedded into its surface a map of Dublin, obviously a city Walsh greatly admires and has much love for.

dublin-map-sculptural-tableThe white surface area represents the buildings whilst the indentations mark out the streets of the city. It’s interesting to note that the walnut streets, by the wood grain’s very nature, resembles the movement of traffic and humanity as one would see from a helicopter. The Dublin map coffee table is meant to be used and not just admired from a distance. Engagement with the piece as well as direct interaction are why the piece was designed in the first place.

You can see more pictures of this map table as well as read more about the Irish designer over here: My City Coffee Table Map.

It is available to buy, at the time of writing at least. Walsh has priced it at a cool €380 (euros).