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Mango Wood vase making has a long and proud history in northern Thailand. There the practice of vase making is passed down from generation to generation and regarded as a great skill. The Thai artisans use special hand-lathing and hand-turning techniques which result in unique and renowned mango wood floor vase designs.


Upon completion of each individually crafted piece, the mango vase is then coated with a clear lacquer finish to protect its natural beauty. These vases make ideal decorative accent details as well as providing a holder for flowers and dried branches.

However, be aware that mango wood, like bamboo, cannot hold water. Although it is certainly possible to purchase plastic containers if needs must. In my personal and professional view, this wood floor vase is best used to provide an accompaniment to dried plants such as lavender, grasses and curly willow branches.

Like with many tall vases, this mango wood floor vase will look good in most types of interior space. Think perhaps of the hallway especially or the bathroom where it will bring a touch of nature to an overly plastic or ceramic space.

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Price: $94.95