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After the bed, your kid’s toy box is going to be the most important item of furniture in their bedroom. With this in mind it is important to bear in mind a few considerations before beginning to construct a new toy box for your child. Below I have collected together five tips to contemplate when designing the new piece of furniture for your son or daughter.

Materials – Most toy boxes in stores come in either plastic or wood. My preference has always been wood as it lasts longer, can be adapted with paint and just looks nicer. As well as this, wooden toy boxes can be re-painted and re-furbished for use with a younger child, perhaps of a different gender, at a later date.

For most people, wood is also easier to work with than plastic if you’re constructing a furniture piece from scratch. With basic carpentry skills, you’ll be able to put together an attractive toy box for your child that will last for many years and even become an heirloom.

Size – The benefit that comes from making your own toy storage box is that you can choose the size to fit the room and requirements. It can be a chore trying to find the right size box for your child in the stores and more often than not one has to settle for a size which is either too small or too big. This will largely depend on how many toys and games you need to store.

The dimensions also come into play depending on extra functions you require the toy box to have. Some can also be used as benches to be placed beneath a window or to the side of a bunk bed. These requirements will need to be measured so as to allow for comfortable sitting space for two or three little children.

Shape – The shape of a children’s toy box will merge somewhat with the theme considerations mentioned further down the page. Most toy boxes throughout the centuries have come in the regular rectangle or cube shapes. However, if you have some talent in carpentry and design, then a toy box can be any shape you so desire including circular, oval or even an abstract wavy form.

Themes – When it comes to themes, the sky really is the limit. Children’s furniture lends itself beautifully to a wide range of subjects, styles, colors and themes. There are so many characters on television and in popular childhood stories to take inspiration from. This too will largely depend on what your son or daughter asks you to create.

Little boys tend to like action heroes, airplanes, cars and fire engines whilst little girls prefer themes along the lines of princesses, fairytale castles and friendly animals. More neutral themes can also be employed such as toy boxes painted in one color such as blue, pink, red or even left as natural wood. Small stencil art can be applied if you want a more understated decorative design.

Naturally, toy boxes found in stores and online will provide an easier option for those who don’t have the skills in carpentry nor the time to create their own wooden (or plastic) toy box. Plus, children will often find the themed art on ready-made boxes more appealing and exciting thereby making it better for all concerned to purchase kid’s furniture online.

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