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Christmas is never the same without a thick and full wreath like this Maine balsam Christmas wreath with real pine cones and a big beautiful red bow. The holiday season is a time of year that can be enjoyed by all the family regardless of age. Everyone in the household and visiting guests will appreciate a naturally resplendent wreath on the main entrance door to the home or indeed on any door within the interior. Faux holly berries add extra color to the festive piece.

The 24 inch Christmas wreath is composed of real and fresh premium Maine balsam together with berries and the weatherproof red velveteen bow which contrasts wonderfully with the lush greenery. Wreaths in general when placed in an entryway convey to the guest a certain style and identity that they can expect to be continued when they enter the home itself. This tasteful wreath is ideal for families with interior decor that will feel welcoming and easy on the eyes.

The concept of wreaths is a very old one. They’ve been around for thousands of years and were just as popular during the Greek and Roman eras as they are today. In Christianity, the Christmas wreath symbolises the coming and birth of Jesus Christ, whether in the form of a table-top advent wreath or a door-mounted version like the one in the picture above. It was the Lutherans in Germany in the 16th century who are believed to have first brought in the tradition of the Christmas wreath as we know it today.

You can buy this festive wreath here: Worcester 24-Inch Maine Balsam Christmas Wreath.

Price: $27.68