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Vanity sink cabinets are a great way to spruce up a bathroom. There are a number of different types of material that can be acquired but one of my personal favorites is the classical wooden look, like with this mahogany vanity sink cabinet with a black fossil stone top. The decorative features add a rather stunning visage to the furniture piece which will bring a delightful focal point to a bathroom interior.

Mahogany-Vanity-Sink-Cabinet-Black-TopWith an undermount porcelain sink just beneath the fossil stone top, this cabinet is both practical and stylish. If you have a classical style interior design theme, then this will fit in snugly with your other furnishings. It will look particularly good when matched with a rustic wooden or stone flooring arrangement. For wall decor suggestions to go with this cabinet, I’d suggest white and cream, perhaps with a worn look but there are a myriad of possible tones that will do just as well.

There’s a lot to like about this vanity sink cabinet including its twin mahogany doors, ornate wood carvings and the black fossil stone top. It’s not just in the bathroom setting where this can be located but also in a bedroom, utility room or pantry. With the right surrounding décor scheme, it can just about fit anywhere of your choosing.

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