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A year ago I bought a white hook-up for my kitchen wall. The plastic hook-up is placed beside the sink and is used to hold a tea towel in easy reach when needing something to dry my hands on. It’s extremely handy and so I was impressed when I came across these magnetic wall hook-ups for towels and small metallic items such as safety pins and other similar odds and ends.

What is a wall hook-up? It’s basically a wall accessory that is used to hold cloths of various types and sizes from a bath towel in the bathroom to the smaller tea towel in the kitchen. In the non-magnetic hook-up varieties, there is within the circular hole a pincher which holds a little bit of the cloth in place when inserted inside. Some do without the pincher and merely have a smaller hole in which to stuff the towel in question.

The latter design seems to be the case with these magnetic wall hook-ups which have been created by Sally and Joe of FruitSuper Design. These magnetic hook-ups allow a more diverse range of choices when placing a towel on the wall. As the diagram shows below, the magnetic wall hook-ups can be placed onto and taken off a metal surface with ease and a fabric accessory can be either hung, draped or stuffed to the wall in a location of your choosing. This is due to a magnet being embedded in the silicon hook-up body.

One thing I am uncertain about is how this applies to not metallic surfaces. There might be a suction feature that allows the magnetic hook-up to be placed on any wall surface material. If not this might be something they should consider.

You can read more about these silicon hook-ups here: Magnetic Wall Hook-Up by FruitSuper Design.