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Magnetic curtains are ideal window treatments when it comes to shaping your curtains just as you wish them to be. With regular curtains, the fabrics drop as they will and are largely impossible to shape unless with window hooks and wraps. However, the presence of small magnetics in the materials allows for the curtains to take on shapes and forms one would normally think impossible and the results can be very pleasing.

The magnetic curtains allow for folds and different arrangements to be achieved which keep their form until they are otherwise changed into a different shape. This means any concerns about the window treatment losing its design can be put to rest for the strength of the magnets remains for long periods of time. Unlike with more regular treatments such as tiebacks and hooks, the magnetic curtains will remain in place even when blowing in a breeze.

Various arrangements can be made using magnetic curtains, from the formal to the more creative and relaxed. All the draping and bunching methods can be employed and will be made easier with the in-built small circular magnets inside the fabric. Curtains of this type tend to be more expensive than regular ones but they do create a better look without all the add-ons which can detract from the overall look.

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