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If you’re looking for some light relief for the home office environment, then you might consider one or two of these colorful magnetic paper clip birds that chirp when moved. An office, study room or home library desk can often seem a little stale and lacking in color. These little chirping magnetic paperclip birds fulfil two functions. Firstly, to provide a secure location for space paperclips and pins, and secondly, to add extra color to a working environment.

The fact that these magnetic paperclip birds also chirp when a paperclip is attached or removed, makes these little decorative accessories all the more appealing and full of character. No longer will you be lost as to where the spare paperclips have gone, for the bright and colorful nature of the chirping paperclip holding birds will be clear for all to see.

These magnetic paperclip holding birds are ideal for all the family regardless of age. Children will especially find the color of the birds appealing and will provide a nice addition to their homework desk in their bedroom. Adults who perhaps work from home will find some light relief in the chirpiness of the paperclip birds when spreadsheets and work deadlines begin to become a burden.

Price: $18