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There is another use for a table which is often overlooked and that is as a storage unit. For obvious reasons, the regular four-leg dining table does not have the capabilities needed for such a furniture piece. However, there are more solid tables which have inbuilt box areas and lids such as the Madison wood storage table as portrayed in the picture below.

solid-wood-storage-table-redwoodThe table by Adesso consists of two separate compartments which can be accessed via two lids that form the table top. Open finger holes allow for easy opening and closing. It’s perfect for storing all sorts of accessories you find in the living room. These might include magazines, books, boardgames, headsets, candles and television remote controls. Anything you might need quickly and which will be close to hand.

The storage table’s design lends itself to a variety of interior decor schemes particularly those of yesteryear. Rooms with pre-existing wood furnishings that have dark finishes would be the ideal. However, its simple and functional design allow it to compliment a great range of spaces. These include not only the living room but also perhaps beside a bed in the master bedroom or as a hallway storage table for gloves, scarves and wooly hats.

You’ll probably have in mind the perfect place, in which case you can visit the following location for further information: Madison Solid Wood Storage Table.